Tech Startup Advisor Companies

PAM VENTURE is one of the first Tech Startup Advisor Companies in Europe, participated by professionals with over 20 years of consolidated experience in Digital and Innovation.

It has offices in Milan, Barcelona and Dublin.


Supporting innovative startups in the fin tech / green economy with professional advice, investments and work for equity programs.

PAM VENTURE deals with:


the business of its subsidiaries;

guide and manage

together with the entrepreneur the operations of fundraising or M&A of the incubated or managed Startups;


large corporations in the innovation process, providing the best advice for strategic change operations and innovation.


Start up studio

  1. training and mentorship activities for start-ups interested in operating in the sectors of interest (fin tech/ green economy);
  2. biz idea analysis, business plan evaluation, Elevator Pitch preparation, help in defining the Go to Market strategy;
  3. support in the creation of the POC (Proof of Concept) to validate the business idea;
  4. support in fund raising activities (seed/ series A/ series B) and in the entry of industrial shareholders’ capital;
  5. commercial support and innovation, commercial strategy definition;

Consultant for corporate

  1. Support and consultancy for companies and corporations in the field of innovation and research and development;
  2. Consulting activities for extraordinary restructuring or research and development projects;
  3. Scouting activities for start-ups;
  4. Partnership consulting;

Digital Marketing Advisor company

  1. Analysis and assessment of marketing and communication plan;
  2. Definition of media performance and branding plan;
  3. Training and mentorship of internal resources;
  4. Assistance in consulting for tenders and projects;

Fundraising / M&A

  1. Corporate advisory for strategic projects;
  2. Assistance in finding buyers for business sales;
  3. Assistance for Italian and European funds



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